What is 3DPie?

A 3D Printing Marketplace

3DPie is an online marketplace for branded 3D printable content that will allow publishers to securely sell their products and customers to purchase quality assured, customized 3D printed objects, regardless of whether or not they own a 3D printer.

Why 3D Print?

Benefits of 3D printing

Up to 25,000 objects, 3D printing is now considered more cost effective

Suitable for new product trials, limited product release and marketing purposes

Flexibility to offer bespoke goods without the inherent setup costs

Limited high end product releases, tailored to meet a specific custom market segment economically

Cost efficient

Materials can be recycled, less material wastage

Improved Logistics

Reducing the carbon footprint

Reduction of import premium pricing and price inefficiency.

Increased efficiency in the supply chain.

Global local bureau presence in country markets – "localizing a globalised market".

Why 3DPIE?

Benefits of 3DPie

Intellectual Property Security

3DPie will ensure that your IP is secure and protected from the risk of digital product piracy

Product Integrity

Through our global network of printing bureaus operating state of the art industrial printers, all products are quality assured and finished off to the highest quality

Quick and cost effective entry to the 3D printing industry

No in-house expertise required. Our designers and technical specialists will ensure swift and effective upload of your digital printable content

Bespoke and customised product offering

Our platform and top of the range printers enables you to offer your product range as customizable / personlised 3D printable objects to a global audience

Why 3D Print For Consumers?

Using 3DPie you can purchase luxury 3D printed goods from well-known brands, regardless of whether or not you own a 3D printer

Browse our selection of high quality design and apparel goods

Customize your purchase from a range of materials, scales personalization options and finishes

We will print your object for you using specific, state of the art industrial grade printers before finishing the printed object by hand and shipping it to you

Showcase Products

Meet the team

Simone Sasson

Simone Sasson

CEO and Co-founder

Simone has over 10 years experience in the financial sector, specializing in Wealth and Investment Management. She graduated with an MBA from London Business School in 2006, prior to which she spent over 7 years as an engineer in the Tech sector in the UK, preceded by an early career working for a Japanese Trade and Investment House. Since graduating Simone has worked for a number of Financial Institutions including Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse as a Wealth and Investment Manager.

Oded Kaplan

Oded Kaplan

Business Development and Co-founder

Oded is a 10 year veteran of the Israeli tech industry with experience in both development and sales, taking a leading role in extensive sales processes and implementation for highly complex enterprise software for customers across the globe.

Claudio Noble

Claudio Noble

Head of Additive Manufacturing

Claudio is the team’s Technical Specialist. A multidisciplinary product designer with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. He's worked with many clients such as GQ Online, Leroy Merlin, Chile and Xl studios. For much of his work Claudio has used 3D printing and developed deep skills and knowledge of the technology. Claudio has also done product and furniture design, brand identity design and content creation.

Benjamin Wai

Benjamin Wai

Head of Platform Development

Benjamin is an accomplished and seasoned technical professional with two decades of experience in leading and managing the development of technology products. With unparalleled experience in technical architecture, new product development and extensive start up time under his belt, Benjamin is responsible for managing the development of our platform end to end. Benjamin graduated with an MBA from London Business School in 2006 and holds an MSc in Engineering from Stanford University.

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